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I had the idea of this software when I was publishing a new piece of software. Every time I published a new version of my software, I had to navigate 10 folders just to get to it, let alone the installer directory! So I started writing Folder Bookmarks, and I found it so handy I thought I would publish it for everyone to use.

I've recently re-written the entire program from scratch for Folder Bookmarks 2.0, because the code was old and slow, was becoming very difficult to manage, and the UI needed to be improved.



Adding a Bookmark

To add a bookmark, you can either:
  • Simply drag-and-drop the files/folders to the desired category
  • Click 'Add' to show the 'Add Bookmark' window

When using the 'Add Bookmark' window, you can choose the name, target location, category and (optionally) the icon. By default, when you choose an image file, a thumbnail of the picture will be set as the icon.

Opening a Bookmark

Simply select the bookmark(s) you want to open, and press enter. There are more options such as 'Open All' and 'Open Parent Folder' in the 'Open' menu in the actions pane.

Editing a Bookmark

To edit a bookmark, first select the bookmark you want to edit, then click 'Edit' in the Actions pane (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E). This will open the 'Edit Bookmark' window.

Deleting a Bookmark

Select the bookmark(s) you want to remove, and click delete (or you can press 'Delete' on the keyboard).

Archiving Bookmarks

You can save all your bookmarks and categories into one file, which can be restored at any time.
  • To Archive the bookmarks, click 'Options...' > 'Archive Manager' to show the 'Archive Manager' window. In the 'Backup' group box, click 'Choose...' to open the 'Save As' window to select the save location of the Archive. Then click 'Create Archive' to create the archive.
  • To restore an archive, either drag-and-drop the archive into the text box in the 'Restore' group box, or click 'Choose...' to select it in the 'Open File' window, then click 'Restore'.
    • Note: If a bookmark being restored has the same target as an existing bookmark, it will be discarded; if it has the same name, it will be re-named.


From Folder Bookmarks 2.0 and onwards, you don't have to set a category for every bookmark. Instead, bookmarks without a category can be accessed from the 'All' category.

Adding a Category

To quickly add a category, you can right-click the category bar at the top and click 'Add Category'.

Managing Categories

There is a Category Manager that allows you to add, edit, delete, and arrange the order of categories. It can be access by right-clicking the category bar and then selecting 'Category Manager'.
  • To add a category, simply click 'Add'
  • To delete a category, select the category you wish to delete, and click 'Delete'. You will be given the option to delete the bookmarks in the category
  • To edit the name of a category, simply select the category, change the name in the text box, and click save
  • To change the order of the categories, select the category you want to move, and click either the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons

'All' and 'Recent' categories

As mentioned earlier, the 'All' category lists all of the bookmarks, which means that selecting a category is no longer mandatory.

The 'Recent' category is another built-in category that has the most recently used bookmarks, in order of when they were used. This is the category that the program presents when it first loads, thus making it easier to open a bookmark you used recently, rather than navigating to the category.
This category can also be accessed quickly from the notification area without changing windows. Simply right-click the Folder Bookmarks icon, select 'Recent', and then select the bookmark you wish to open, as seen here:

Quick access to 'Recent' category
Note: The icons will only load if 'Icon view' is being used

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