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portable version ?

first post: sulasno wrote: any plans to make the application portable ?

latest post: ajfudge wrote: I also want a portable version. :)

I got some ideas

first post: Yapsonark wrote: deleted

Source Code

first post: aaroncampf wrote: Would it be Possible up Upload the actual solution used for the pro...

Must you always enter a category?

first post: jdoherty76 wrote: I take it you must start with a category? as everytime you open up...

Needs UI Improvements

first post: AlexCode wrote: Hi mate, your idea is cool, I had it myself a couple of times but n...

latest post: cpascoe wrote: I've run out of ideas... I'm trying to make it as easy as possible ...

Installation fails on Win 7 64 bit

first post: skurdi wrote: Hi,I like this software and I'd really like to write it up on my so...

latest post: skurdi wrote: BTW, Windows is installed on C; however, I have moved all my specia...

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